Terms & Conditions

  1. If we do not have a specification, our pricing will be based on information available

  2. Client/Main Contractor to set out all works and levels

  3. Client/Main Contractor to supply an adequate supply of tap water to site so as we can use the water to aid our compaction of any hardfill

  4. We require clear access for our machinery to any work site, delays caused by difficult access may be charged as a variation

  5. We will take all care but no responsibility for interruption or damage to any utilities or services to the site or surrounding areas that might occur as a result of our work

  6. Unless stated, we have not allowed for any of the following:

  • Any other work not stated in our Scope of Works section

  • Dewatering the excavation, site, or surrounding areas

  • Shoring, retaining walls, or temporary support to any neighbouring buildings, fences or footpaths

  • Additional excavation or filling of any soft spots

  • Compaction Testing if required by engineer

  • Sediment fence/storm water control (included in this quote)

  • Covering soil stock piles on site

  • Cutting the kerb and channel or footpath if required

  • Dust / silt control on sites (silt fencing included in this quote)

  • Rock breaking or excavation through rock strata

  • Engineering, consenting, inspection, or other professional consultation fees including surveying

  • Providing any public barricades, signage or any traffic management whilst we are on site (included in this quote)

  1. Our price holds good for 30 days

  2. We require up to 5 working days from acceptance of any quotation to confirm the methodology, specifications, site conditions, and project timeline with the client/main contractor and we reserve the right to vary our quotation at that point if necessary

  3. Variations to our work will only be carried out based upon a written instruction

  4. A1 Diggers Ltd take no responsibility for any consequential costs or losses which might occur to any other party during the course or as a result of our work

  5. Credit terms: Our price is based upon payment being made within 7 days of date of invoice supply. No retentions are to be held on our works

  6. Late payment will attract a penalty interest of 2% per month or part month there of compounding

  7. Insurance conditions: We have a public liability of 5 million dollars. It does not include vibration or removal of support