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What do excavation contractors do?

The heart of an excavation contractor's job is digging and moving dirt!

Excavation contractors play an essential part of the construction industry. They are involved in construction projects from the very beginning and throughout - with their tasks ranging from site clearance, foundation preparation, trenching for services, grading, demolition and many other soil related tasks.

An excavation contractor can help complete a variety of different activity, ranging from residential buildings, commercial projects, farm maintenance, drainage and roading.

Below are some of the more common activities undertaken by excavation contractors.

Site clearance

The process of site clearance is usually undertaken at the beginning of a project, in order to prepare a site for construction. It involves clearing a site of any unwanted surplus materials and vegetation and leveling and compacting it for the planned works.

Foundation preparation

Before a building foundation is laid an excavation contractor will excavate, compact and level the ground according to engineer specified standards. This ensures a strong and safe foundation to support the building.

Service trenching

When service (like telecommunication, power, drainage etc) are laid to a new building, an excavation contractor will dig a trench deep enough to ensure the services are protected from damage. The width and depth of a trench is dependent on the type of services being laid, and the dept of the trench required is usually specified by local authorities.


Demolition of a building can take anywhere from a day to several weeks, depending on the size and scale. An excavation contractor will pull down the building in sections with an excavator. Demolition can be dangerous, so extra planning and care is required to ensure a safe work environment.

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