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What are the main parts of an excavator?

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Excavators are highly complex pieces of machinery with many different parts. This article is an overview of the basic excavator parts.


The excavators tracks are designed to allow the operator to navigate all kinds of terrain. Excavator tracks can be made of either metal or rubber.


The cab is one of the most important parts of an excavator for the operator. Modern excavator cabs can be equipped with all the luxuries of a car, including stereo systems, air conditioning and heated seats.


The boom is a large hydraulically-articulated arm that gives the excavator arm it's height.

Dipper Arm

The dipper arm gives the excavator it's reach and can be extended and retracted as required.


Very much like the thumb on your hand, the excavator thumb is used for holding loads in the bucket and can be used to pick things up.

Quick Hitch

The quick hitch is used to secure buckets and attachments to the excavator.


The bucket is used to dig into the earth to excavate soil, gravel and other materials.

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