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What are different excavation attachments used for?

With the right attachment, an excavator can do almost anything. Modern excavators have a wide range of attachments available, allowing the excavator to be one of the most versatile pieces of construction equipment available.


One of the most indispensable excavator attachments is the auger. An auger allows an excavator operator to dig holes with precision and ease.


A breaker is a powerful hammer fitted to an excavator that is for breaking hard surfaces like rocks and concrete. An excavator with breaker attachment is often used as an alternative to jackhammering or blasting.

Tilt bucket

A tilt bucket allows an excavator operator to achieve a greater versatility with their machine, allowing them to reach awkward areas with less repositioning of the excavator. Tilt buckets are used to excavate and level out uneven terrain.

Grab bucket

A grab bucket is used for a variety of different construction tasks. There are many different types and sizes of grab buckets, all designed to perform specific tasks. Grab buckets are mainly used to lift trees, rocks and construction debris.


Excavator rippers are designed to cut quickly through hard terrain, paved areas & rock. Their claw like design is perfect for ripping through hard materials, so they can be more easily removed.

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